o_captian“O Captain My Captain” inspired by the poem by Walt Whitmando_not_go_gently“Do Not Go Gentle into That Goodnight” inspired by the poem by Dylan Thomassonnet18“Sonnet 18” inspired by the poem by William Shakespeare

I do believe that my pictures tell a story. They are each inspired by a separate poem, and I tried to portray the meaning of that poem in each photograph. The main focus I used was the way in which I used black and white. I believe that these photos all used very good lighting and space, and that helped to make them great images. The use of space in my second image I believe was the best, as she fills most of the space but there is still some white space around her. If I could change anything I think I would have taken more time in order to work with and reshoot other images I wanted to use, but that turned out a bit too grainy to use in the show. I love the poems I used for these photos which connects them to me, and I believe they made great inspirations for my pictures.


Artist Statement

My name is Summer Hale, I am a high school senior and next year I will be attending Northern Arizona University and will be majoring in photography and journalism.

I enjoy capturing people in my photographs. More specifically, I make an attempt to capture the emotions, as well as the personality of the person I am photographing. I do this by taking close-up photos of people in black and white.

My photographs have a rather “dark” feeling to them, which is partially due to the fact that I like to juxtapose the models with the content, which can be seen when I use children as my models, but colorize them intensely, or make the photograph black and white. I also make an attempt to capture a lot of water in my photos, as I love the way that it can be captured and make a picture look that much more intense.

I also enjoy capturing images of animals. I believe that they can show a lot of emotions, and I like the challenge that photographing animals provides. Animals also have the ability to give off potentially even more emotions than people, due to the fact that, dogs specifically, are quite expressive.

Overall, my photographic style is dark, yet full of emotion. I enjoy capturing images that reflect a dark tone, and my style is unique to me as a person and represents my love for all things dramatic. My photographs use intense juxtaposition, as my favorite collection captures the innocence of a child with the force of water, which I believe shows how my pieces can be quite cynical, but I try to keep the beauty with it.


‍‍Summer Hale



  • I am a senior at Canyon del Oro High School with a 4.0 GPA.

Skills & Abilities


  • I was the Treasurer of the Science Club at my school which competed in Science Olympiad.
  • I took part in the National Youth Leadership Forum for Engineering and Technology.
  • I was one of the CTE Ambassadors for the Software Development program at CDO High School.
  • I am in the National Honor Society at CDO High School.
  • I am in the Gallery Club at CDO High School.


  • I am in the National Honor Society at CDO High School which requires volunteer work for the school and community. I have volunteered for the Tucson Marathon, assisting with an Academic Decathlon competition, and assisting with an Odyssey of the Mind competition.
  • I have also been in several gallery shows with the Noble Street Gallery, including the Inspirations, Freakshow, Tree of Knowledge, One Size Fits All, and Three


This is my favorite photograph from the Tree of Knowledge show. I love it because of how excellent the black and white look, as well as the crispness of the image, how her hair falls, and in general everything to me is perfect in this image.